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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Sep 29, 2010

Audio glitches fixed -apologies 

On this episode of Word Balloon, we begin another 2 part talk with writer Ed Brubaker. Ed answers some Word Balloon listeners questions, and previews the new arc of Incognito with artist Sean Phillips premireing next month from Icon. Ed talks about the pulp history articles in the back of each issue by Jess Nevins, and why he thinks at 3.50 the book is one of the better values on the comic book stands today.

We also talk about Secret Avengers looking back at the first story arc, and the secret Life Of Max Fury issue, with former Iron Fist collaboators David Aja and Michael Lark. 

Plus lots of analysis of Ed’s Captain America run, uncluding the current Steve Rogers Super Soldier mini series, and the upcoming Trial Of Captain America story. Also Ed reveals his personal feelings about event books, including his unique take on one of the classic 80’s crossover tales.

We conclude with a short talk with Jeremy Bastian creator of The Cursed Pirate Girl and his current kickstarter program.