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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Jul 6, 2011

On  this episode of Word Balloon, its another double feature of top creators in conversation. First Brian Azzarello talks about his FLASHPOINT BATMAN mini series with Eduardo Risso, and the differences between Thomas and Bruce Wayne . We compare the different Batman stories Azzarello has told, from JOKER, BROKEN CITY and the weekly Wednessday comics We also discuss His new Vertigo science fiction series with Risso SPACEMAN. It premiered in the STRANGE ADVENTURES anthology and will begin it's first arc in the fall.

Brian also talks about the coming DC Reboot, and his thoughts on if his storytelling would change to cater to this new potential digital audience.

Then, Phil Hester talks about co-writing the new Bionic Man comic series, adapted from a unproduced Kevin Smith screenplay. Just like their Green Hornet collaboration, Hester and Smith tweak the script and Jonathan Lau handles the art chores.

Phil also talks about his continuing work on The Green Hornet, which he now co-writes with his regular
inking partner Ande Parks . He discusses the wrap ups to his run on The Darkness (which ends with issue 100)  to Wonder Woman Oddessy  and the transition to the DC Reboot., plus his work on IDWs Godzilla with Eric Powell .