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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Mar 26, 2012

On this episode of Word Balloon, Jonathan Hickman is back to tell us about the wrap up to his epic 3 year story in Fantastic Four. He's not done with the Four, or the Future Foundation (FF), and tells us what to expect in the months to come. You'll hear about his writing chores on the upcoming Avengers VS X-Men projects, and what it was like co writing with his Architect buddies Brian bendis Jason Aaron Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction  We also discuss SHIELD and his run on The Ultimates. 

Then we go in depth on Jonathan's creator owned books past and present at Image Comics. From the debut issue of The Manhattan Projects drawn by Nick Pitarra to next month's start of the spy series Secret with artist Ryan Bodenheim. Hickman also made a big splash at Comixology releasing all of his earlier creator owned works as digital products, including one big bundle of all 5 works The Nightly News, PAX ROMANA, Red Mass From Mars, Transhuman and The Red Wing  . He gives us all the details in his decision to release them now, and in the formats he chose .

Then, artist writer Francis Manapul is back to tell us what's been happening in the pages of The Flash for DC Comics. We talk about his unique art choices to display the hero's super speed, and The Flash's point of view when faced with the choices of how to stop a crime or disaster from happening.  Francis also talks about his writing process with his co-writer and colorist Brian Buccelatto, and what it's like to have put The Flash back in the top 10 of comics ordered by direct market stores.