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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Dec 28, 2012

On this episode of Word Balloon Dan Slott joins us to talk about the Death Of Peter Parker in Amazing Spider-Man 700, wrapping up the series, and setting up Superior Spider-Man , which begins January 9th. Dan he process of creating the Dying Wish, and selling it to his editors and co-creators at Marvel. Dan explains why he chose to stay on Spider-Man, rather than take on a new title in the Marvel Now creative shift.  We answer reader questions , and end the talk with some thoughts on the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Then we start a look back at The Comic Book Market of 2012 with a series of interviews with comic journalists who cover the various publishers. First up Vaneta Rogers of Newsarama looks back at DC's 2012. From the successes and failures of specific books and initiatives, to the current management moves on the Vertigo Imprint, to departing creators and the recent Gail Simone-Batgirl drama.