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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Feb 1, 2013

Today on Word Balloon, legendary filmmaker Ralph Bakshi joins us to discuss his Kickstarter campaign for a new animated series called Last days Of Coney Island.

The series sees Bakshi return to familiar territory New York in the 1960's. Bakshi promises scenes and stories about police corruption, gangs, prostitutes and the enui of the decade as the country suffered urban decay and the losses of leaders like John and Robert Kennedy.

Bakshi also dorps news about making sequel scenes for some of his cult classic films after he completes The Last Days Project. He talks about making new sequences for his films Wizards Coonskin, and Heavy Traffic.

For yeras he's talked about a new sequence for the 1977 film Wizards, involving the character Peace saving a train boxcar filled with draves being taken to their death, ala the real life WW2  refugees taken by the Nazis to concentration camps. Says Bakshi " I love's an incredible action sequence's a violent scene... so (explitive)  if you want to see Wizards 2 get Last Days going."  Number 3, I'd do Coonskin 2 ..and then Heavy Traffic and what I'm saying is  I can contunie to do more with these films, and release them on the net. " Bakshi would release the films on his website and a Bakshi channel he's developing.

Bakshi also updates us on the potential live action Robert Rodgriguez remake of his 1983 film Fire and Ice co-concieved by Frank Frazetta and written by Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas. Says Bakshi "  I had spoke last week obver emails that he wants to shoot it next summer...I get a nice fee if he shoots it . He came to me and wanted to do it. He wants to make it live action which is fine, cause I'd never re do it. I said make it like Sin City and Frazetta (style) he's says he would ...He's says he's shooting it  next summer, he's now shooting Sin City 2, so unless he feels the need to lie to me, that's his intention."
Bakshi also talks about his years at Terrytoon films which taught him the tricks to make animation at a cheaper cost. We also discuss his work on the Spider-Man Animated series, and his friendship with Frazetta.

Then we catch up with Rick Remender who's taking bold direction in his 2 Marvel Now! books Captain America and Uncanny Avengers. We talk about the ideas in the comics that have polarizing reactions from fans  but Rick is quick to say these are long story arcs that will reveal themselves over time. Rick also talks about the delightful success the Fear Agent Onibus is having , and announces some new creator owned projects for 2013.