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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Aug 7, 2009

On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, writer Paul Jenkins is back to discuss his current work for Marvel Comics, including the current sci-fi story arc Problem Child, featuring Hiro Kala, from PLANET SKAAR AFTERMATH in SON OF HULK, and his upcoming 3rd one-shot of CAPTAIN AMERICA THEATER OF WAR.

Jenkins promises we'll see more new work from him for Marvel in the coming months. "I'll let Marvel make the official announcements when they decide the time is right, but In general terms I have three different series lined up. One of them is set up like MYTHOS and the Captain America One-Shots. Dan Buckley had asked me to give some thought of coming to different cases in the Marvel Universe a finding away to tell single issue or short arc stories.The way Dan put it to me was this way.

Everybody loves Daredevil and the way Brian (Bendis) and Ed Brubaker have been writing him in with that dark tone.There's no space to fix anything, it doesn't need to be fixed... but Dan said, 'What I want to see is Daredevil's one good day.'...That made me think of  55 story ideas for the Marvel universe... I'll go to the x-men say  what i want, and be done with them, and I'll move on and go to Daredevil or Thor's universe...say what I want to with these characters, and move on, while still allowing the regular monthly books to carry the ongoing soap opera."

You'll hear Paul views and insight on characters like Thor, Loki, Iron Man, Captain America and The Hulk. We discuss The Sentry and how his beginnings came from a superman/marvelman template, but what makes them all very different.Jenkins also re-addresses his humorous flap with fans over his character Sally Floyd's tirade against Captain America,  from the mini series Frontline: Civil War.

We also discuss the business side of Paul's career path which includes his work with Marvel, films, computer game animation for smart phones, and other current and future projects.