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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Jan 25, 2012

As always, great conversation in this Word Balloon double feature. First Marvel Editor Stephen Wacker joins us to talk about the books he oversees like the Spider-Man titles, Daredevil, The Punisher, and Moon Knight. We talk about the realities in today's market. Why some projects of the past couldn't get greenlit in this tighter economy.

We also discuss Steve's days at DC including many stories about his work on the weekly all-star event 52.

(This conversation was taped before the announcement that Moon Knight had been cancelled)

Then Marty Pasko is back for an insight discussion about his observations of the current comic market. Marty has heard the phrase "comics are doomed." since he joined the business in the 1970's. While he believes there are big changes on the horizon, he's also optimistic enough too suggest a few ways the Direct Market stores can stay in the new expanding digital comics world. We also get more great anecdotes from Pasko's DC Bronze Age days, his work on The Batman Animated series, The Fox 1994 Animated Spider-Man series and as the liaison between Time Warner's various media divisions, Other TV Network and Film production companies, and DC Comics.