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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Oct 27, 2011

On this edition of Word Balloon, we check in with writer Chris Roberson to talk about his new IDW DC Comics crossover between the Original Crew Of Star Trek, and The Legion Of Superheroes. We also look at his Vertigo Books like I Zombie with Mike Alred and His work in The Fables Universe on the Cinderella mini series...

Oct 20, 2011

On this epsisode of Word Balloon we hit the floor of last week's New York Comic Con and speak with a number of creators.
You'll hear talks with Frank Quitley (Batman & Robin Multiplicity) , Chris Burnham (Batman Leviatham) Matt Wagner (Legendary Comics) , Shane Davis (Superman Earth One Vol 2)  Gabriel Hardman (Betrayal...

Oct 10, 2011

Writer and radio broadcaster Steve Darnall joins us to talk about his past works in comics. Steve worked in the fringe genres as the comics market struggled to survive after the speculation era went bust. You'll hear about his collaboration with Alex Ross on the 2 part UNCLE SAM prestige series , to his parody of...

Oct 5, 2011

On this episode ogf Word Balloon Brad Meltzer is back to discuss the 2nd season of
Brad Meltzer's Decoded which premieres tonight at 9pm Easter/Pacific On The History
Channel. Brad recaps some of the highlights of season one, and a preview of this season.
The show goes global to investigates mysteries surrounding...