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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Sep 28, 2009


On this edition of the Word Balloon Podcast, we pick up where we left off with writer Ed Brubaker. You’ll hear more about the characters of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes as they share the mantle of Captain America in The Captain America...

Sep 24, 2009

After along break in the Summer we resume our talk with Brian Bendis. In this part, Brian breaks down the differences between the new Spider-Woman motion comics available at ITunes, and The first issue, which debuted this week. We talk about the art changes made by Alex Maleev and the story's pacing from motion and...

Sep 22, 2009

More On Capt. America  Rebprn, The marvels project, and Criminal 

Sep 15, 2009

Rick Remender talks about what's coming up for charcters like Doctor Voodoo, The Punisher and The Thunderbolts, in books coming this fall.
You'll hear about his new series featuring the current Sorcerer Supreme of Marvel's 616 universe.

Plus The Punisher is heading toward a world of hurt in the months ahead, with...

Sep 10, 2009

In this exclusive interview, the Image writer discusses details about his new books debuting this fall. Haunt, the new horror/espionage ongoing series co-developed with Todd McFarland . Image United , the 6 part epic featuring art from all the Image founders. and a script from Kirkman. And from Top Cow this year's...