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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Jun 19, 2008

The writing team behind Uncanny X-men join me in a 3 way talk , about their coming x-plans, plus we go in depth on Iron Fist, Iron Man, Captain America, Daredevil, Punisher War Journal , and more!

Jun 17, 2008

From 2006, my two part interview with writer Chuck Austen.

Frankly, the villification of this writer by some comic book fans was to me, one of the ugliest and insensitive attacks I've ever seen, and illustrates the point made by Joe Quessada, when he says,  

"Sometimes fans treat our fictional charcters like...

Jun 13, 2008

In this episode of Word Balloon, host John Siuntres chats with
Marc Andreyko, the writer and creator of the current Manhunter in the DCU,
Kate Spencer.
After a long time off, Issue #31 is out and serves as a great
jumping on point for new readers, including an opening 2 page sequence that tells you all you need to...

Jun 11, 2008

On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, host John Siuntres
sits down with Marvel writer Daniel Way.During the conversation, Dan tells us about his future plans for The new Deadpool solo series that debuts in September, featuring art by Paco Medina .

He also previews the next steps in Wolverine Origins,...

Jun 8, 2008

In anticipation of his Word Balloon return this week, , we repost this June 2005 talk with Marc Andreyko, who's Manhunter was just getting started at DC.

We discuss his creation of Kate Spencer, and also talk about his work on Casefiles Sam & Twitch, and look closely at his collaboration with brian Bendis on the graphic...