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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Mar 28, 2008

On This edition of Word Balloon Writers Christina Weir and Nunzio De Fillipis join host John Siuntres to discuss their Oni prequel to the film Jumper drawn by their longtime collaborator Brian Hurtt .  
They also  talk about their mainstream work on Checkmate, Wonder Woman, Detective Comics New Mutants, plus...

Mar 27, 2008

A WB classic from 2005 Walter Simonson looks back at his classic work. From Thor The Frog and the creation of Beta Ray Bill, to Orion and The New Gods.

From his collaborations with Martin Pasko to put the bronze age spin on Dr Fate, to reviving Manhunter with Archie Goowdwin.

We talk about the Fantastic Four, his spin...

Mar 21, 2008

On This edition of Word Balloon Writer-Artist-Letterer Richard Starkings of Comicraft pulls away the curtain and talks about his collaborators.
Like Kurt Busiek J Scott Campbell , Tim Sale, Jeph Loeb, Joe Casey,
Tom Scioli, the guys at Comiccraft , and the many artists
that are helping him put out the cult favorite...

Mar 20, 2008

Does the world prefer a kinder, gentler Batman, or the grim brooding type. Steve Englehart & Marshall Rogers created the 1970's Batman: Dark Detective arc, which became in part the basis for the 1987 Batman film.

Word Balloon Podcast Host John Siuntres continues his spring cleaning of the WB podcast archives, and...

Mar 19, 2008

Today on the Word Balloon Podcast Host John Siuntres and writer/editor Ron Marz discusses the concept of the legacy hero character in comic books. You'll hear Marz compare his Green Lantern , Kyle Rayner toDani Baptiste, one of the current holders of the Witchblade for Top Cow

The conversation begins with an in depth ...