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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Apr 26, 2007

In This episode of Wordballoon, we talk with writer Brad Meltzer about The Lightning Saga, the current JLA JSA Legion Of Superheroes Team Up, co written with Geoff Johns. Meltzer also discusses the paperback release of his 2006 best selling novel, The Book Of Fate.

We'll also prevview Brad's remaining stories on...

Apr 24, 2007

The conversation continues, as the DC writer answers more fan questions about his characters and stories . You'll learn more about "52", passing the hero mantle of THE QUESTION, film news on WHITEOUT, and why isn't DC considering a new LOIS LANE book?

Apr 18, 2007

In this first part of the Rucka debrief , you'll get writing tips from greg,
information about the upcomming Checkmate/Outsiders Crossover from DC comics , details on the future plans for greg's British spy series from Oni Press Queen and Country, and upcoming Rucka novels...

You'll hear Greg's thoughts on what should...

Apr 12, 2007

Marvel writer Matt fraction checks in with comments on
his new issue of Punisher War Journal.Frank Castle has seemingly picked up the mantle of Capt America, and will carry on the tradition as he sees it.
Matt tells us what it all means, plus we'll look at his work on the Immortal Iron Fist co written by Ed Brubaker,...

Apr 6, 2007

The spider-man film is less than a month away, and we check in with venom's creator. David tells us what it was like to enter the business and create such memorable charcters as Venom,
Carnage, Jim Rhodes, and Claw the unconqueroed.

We cover his runs on The Unknown Soldier, The Avengers, His    spider-man and superman...