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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Nov 24, 2006

Mark's been a DC comics fan forever, and says Adventure Comics #357 was a mind blowing experience. The comic featured a classic Legion Of Superheroes story, The Death Of Ferro Lad, written by teenaged Jim Shooter, and drawn by the legendary Curt Swan. Nowadays, Mark is making Legion history himself, as the writer...

Nov 24, 2006

Writers Danny Bilson and Paul Demeo are back to discuss RED MENACE , the new WILDSTORM mini series about a 1950's superhero who unmasks for the anti communist US senate committee, led by Joe McCarthy. The book is co-authored by actor Adam Brody, who plays Seth Cohen on FOX TV's THE OC, and art is provided by the...

Nov 14, 2006

Part 3 of the never ending story contnues, but it's loaded with interesting insights. You'll find out about the workings of the fabled Marvel Retreats , where the elves get together in the hollow tree, and bake the cookies .

We'll also discuss various thoughts on Steve Ditko, the craft of writing, hints at upcoming arcs...

Nov 10, 2006

Time for part 2 with more talk about Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Bendis's writing porcess, plus a celeberty story that may rival Brian's encounters with Lou Ferrigno.

Nov 5, 2006

Brian Michael Bendis is back to talk about all of his comic book and movie projects.

Taking questions from his message board forum, Brian talks about artist Stuart Immomen joining Ultimate Spiderman, What's coming up in New Avengers , along with movie & TV talk, and lots of friendly jabs at fellow Marvel...