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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Sep 30, 2006

It's been a MARVELOUS year for Jeff Parker, who has worked his way through
the anthology monster book specials, like WHERE MONSTERS DWELL ,and

Now Jeff calls the shots for AGENTS OF ATLAS, the 50's revival espionage
book, featuring a group of  unlikely heroes...

Sep 25, 2006

ATTENTION, The repeating overlapping sound problem has been fixed.


We visit with writer Brian Azzarello, to talk about Loveless the Vertigo western he started this year, and his new projects debuting this fall...

A return to the wildstorm charcter deathblow first tackled by brian in a batman crossover story done in...

Sep 25, 2006

Celebrating Brad's climb to #1 on The NY Times Bestseller list, here's a "book only" version of my conversation with Brad.


Sep 19, 2006

This summer, Andrew made his mark with the SCI-FI channel's new hit TV show EUREKA . The successful screenwriter is no stranger to comics, as we find out in this informative interview, featuring talk about his Dark Horse series DAMN NATION, plus his continuing work for BOOM! STUDIOS on books like THE SAVAGE BROTHERS,...

Sep 15, 2006

a few tech snaufus are keeping me busy this week, so we represent a great conversation with Chris, who does so many comic related things beyond lettering so many of our favorite monthlies.

chris is also the genius behind FRANKLIN RICHARDS, SON OF A GENUIS, which to me is still one of the funniest ideas marvel...